What are short sale incentives?

Banks are paying homeowners up to $35,000 to list and sell their homes. Learn Why

Cash short sale incentives programs are used by banks to entice a borrower(s) to short sale their home. It is important to understand that a short sale can be an over all benefit for both the borrower and the bank/lender. Typically, banks will not only pay a cash incentive to you if you agree to short sale but they will also waive any deficiency of balance as well. The reason they do this is because in a short sale the bank/lender will typically end up with more money then if they’d foreclosed.

For instance, Bank of America has a COOP program that allows people to receive $2500 at closing. Bank of America also has state specific short sale programs that can also provide an additional $30,000 at closing.

To learn more about these cash incentive programs…. download our Free “how to” short sale guide or call and speak to us so we can explain more. Of course all calls are confidential and our team is made up of industry professionals who are only paid by the bank upon the completion of a successful short sale so you are never under any obligation to get help or your questions answered. We have helped thousands of homeowners just like you. Call us at 1-888-262-6933

Other banks have these programs as well; Chase has a great program that can allow the seller to receive up to $35,000. We have personally seen borrower’s walk from closing with checks so these programs are very much for real. In our guide it explains to you how to get started.

Our Government has the HAFA Program which will provide $3,000 at closing; we can help you identify what program you may qualify for.

In our short sale guide we explain how to find out if you may be eligible for a cash incentive… Get The Free Short Sale Guide 

In our guide you’ll also learn exactly how to start the short sale process if you decide that that is the best choice for you.

We can also help you find out what short sale incentives you may qualify for, call us directly at 1-888-262-6933. All calls are confidential, and we do not charge for our assistance.

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