Short Sale Service preferred short sale service vendor is Assure America Title Company. Assure America Title Company has been processing short sales since 2009 and has proven to have the necessary experience, know-how and track record to successfully close any short sale transaction. Please take a moment to learn how they can support your real estate business.

About Assure America Title Company (888-348-7799)

Assure America Title Company is currently helping Realtors & Homeowners get their short sale approved 30 days faster than industry average turn-times.

Why? Because we take a proactive approach to the short sale process and have the “know how” to mitigate issues as they arise resulting in an approval much quicker than average. Over the years, we have learned exactly what the banks are looking for, this means getting an approval becomes much quicker and eliminates any and all going back and forth which can take months. This intellectual knowledge as proven time and time again to be exactly what is needed to successfully close short sale transactions.

3 Reasons to choose Assure America Title Company to assist on your next short sale.

Proprietary Short Sale Software System

Created and programmed by an industry expert, we have our own short sale software system that is proprietary to us. Cloud based, our system allows us to quickly search any particular file from anywhere so that we can provide you with an update at anytime. This system allows us to streamline the short sale process and be extremely effective in assisting in document collection, performing all the necessary title searches, HUD preparation and more. Basically, our system allows us to always know what is going on with every file in process.

Constant Updates

What is most important about our software is the calendar that notifies us daily so we know exactly what open tasks need to be done. Further, our system notifies our team daily on what updates need to be done ensuring that we are always up to date on every file. As you know, constant updates are crucial to being effective in obtaining short sale approvals. Our dedicated short sale staff will always provide you and your client the attention you deserve.

The Knowledge Needed To Eliminate Closing Delays

Problems/issues can and will arise when dealing with short sales, this is why you need to work with an experienced team that can resolve issues immediately so they don’t create any delays in closing. Our team is made up of a Real Estate Title Attorney, 20 plus year Licensed Title Agents and experts who have spent their entire career in the mortgage, real estate and title insurance businesses. We have the knowledge needed to successfully close your short sale.

Call today for a live demonstration or to learn how we can help you expedite your short sale. 1- 888-348-7799

As part of our assistance program, we will…

  • Perform all preliminary searches on the property for you so that when the HUD is submitted it is accurate and not based on assumptions.
    Assist in collecting any and all documents needed to complete the short sale
    Review all documents prior to submission making sure we are meeting the banks needs with current documentation
    Handle all follow up(in some cases utilizing our own contacts at the banks), making sure that we maintain our position in line for review and provide answers to bank concerns in less than 24 hours

If you would like more information about us helping you with your short sale, please contact us directly at 888-348-7799

Note:  We work directly with Realtors and Homeowners