Short Sale Opportunity Is Now. Learn Why…

Short Sale Opportunity Is Now. Learn Why…

If you’re thinking about a short sale, now is your opportunity to short sale your property.

Here is why…. Short sale programs like the HAFA Program and the Mortgage Debt Relief Act are once again set to expire at the end of 2013. Both of these programs were put forth by our Government to help homeowners who are either facing foreclosure or owe more on their mortgage than their property is worth. Both of these programs offer homeowners great benefits like providing cash at closing, waiver of deficiency and any taxes you may owe.

To learn more about these programs…. download our Free “how to” short sale guide or call and speak to us so we can explain more. Of course all calls are confidential and our team is made up of industry professionals who are only paid by the bank upon the completion of a successful short sale so you are never under any obligation to get help or your questions answered. We have helped thousands of homeowners just like you. Call us at 1-888-262-6933

Short Sale Programs are set to expire in 2013, This is your short sale opportunity.

As you know you cannot depend on our Government to continue this program and even if they do it is not guaranteed that your lender will even continue to participate in the HAFA Program. For instance one of our nations leading buyer of mortgage Freddie Mac has already stopped participating  at the end of 2012. The benefits of these programs can be staggering when compared to a regular short sale.

HAFA Program Benefits

1. No Deficiency

2. $3,000 Cash incentive to help you relocate

3. Additional money to get 2nd liens released if any

4. No Promissory Notes

Benefit of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act

Any tax you may owe is waived. (call your accountant or CPA to verify, they will explain in detail)

In fact most buyers who elect to short sale their home instead of go to foreclosure can buy homes again in as little as 2 years from the date of the short sale.

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