What is a short sale?

A property that sells for less than the balance that is owed on the mortgage.

Short Sale Definition – A real estate short sale is when your mortgage bank agrees to take less than what is currently owed on the unpaid balance. A short sale can provide mutual benefits for both the homeowner and the bank because it helps both parties avoid foreclosure.

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Learn about the HAFA Short Sale Program

One of the reasons banks are aggressively allowing people to short sale their homes is because of programs like the Making Homes Affordable Program otherwise known as HAFA. The HAFA Short Sale Program was created by our Government & is set to expire in 2015,  this short sale program provides many benefits to homeowners who are trying to short sale…

Benefits of a HAFA Short Sale include

Cash Incentives, No Deficiency, Foreclosure Protection


Whatisashortsale.org created a Free Short Sale Guide that will help you understand the short sale process, how to avoid foreclosure and how to find out what cash incentives you may qualify for.

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In our guide you’ll also learn exactly how to start the short sale process if you decide that that is the best choice for you