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REALTOR-Short-sale-process- Inside: Learn all about HAFA and how to use the mortgage debt relief act to create new listings for 2014

  • How to utilize the HAFA Program to generate new listings
  • What is the mortgage debt relief act & when it is set to expire
  • Who is Eligible for HAFA
  • How to Apply for a Government sponsored HAFA Short Sale
  • How to create a short sale package…”the check list”
  • What to expect from the bank
  • Tips on how to shorten the short sale process and more!


From novice to experienced Realtors, you’ll find our Realtor Short Sale Guide to be informative and especially useful during short sale listing appointments.

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Knowledge Sells…

Homeowners are searching for options, they usually probably receive poor or misleading advice. It is important as industry professionals we help homeowners find real answers and assist them in contacting the bank to find out what options are available to them.

Why it is important to understand how HAFA works

HAFA was created by the Government to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure receive protection, the program allows homeowners to short sale their homes with no deficiency. Most homeowners do not know this program is out there, as a Realtor this can be a great way for you to start communication with a potential client.

By educating your potential client at the beginning stages, you will earn their trust.

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