Short Sale Property Valuation Report

The First Step a property owner should take when considering a short sale is to obtain a Property Value Report. Here is why…

There are several reasons why it is important for you to know the Real Value of your property. For one, Property or Home Values have a recovered in the past year so in some cases we are finding a short sale isn’t even necessary.

Next, it’s important to value your property accurately when listing to create an interest with serious buyers. If your property is priced accurately, it will also create competing offers which drives up value resulting in a quicker sale. This is imperative if you are someone who is facing a foreclosure sale date.

Lastly, in some cases the bank will overvalue your home. If you know the true value, you and your agent can dispute the value which will give your buyer a chance at getting their offer approved. This creates a successful short sale.

Many property owners have questions like what is my homes value? or how much is my property worth? We work with local home value specialists that will take all property and market conditions into consideration when creating your property valuation report. The specialist will also do a complete property evaluation prior to preparing you your free home value report.