Owe More Than My House Is Worth

Want to move but owe more than your house is worth? Whatisashortsale.org will show you the steps to a succesful short sale So You Can Move.

You are not alone. In the past month, 9.7 Million homeowners were found to be still under water or owing more than their house was worth. It makes sense that the most common question we here is… “I owe more than my house is worth, what do I do?”

Whatisashortsale.org can help you find out what options are available if you need to relocate or sell your home due to various reasons. Now, although not every homeowner will qualify to sell their home and not owe the balance but you will be surprised at what reasons banks will approve to allow you to sell and not owe on the balance.

There are many factors banks take into consideration when deciding if they will relieve you of the debt. One of the most common “Is Default Imminent” this means you could be current on your mortgage but due to circumstances you need to sell like having to relocate for a job or ailing family member.

We can help you find out your options and at no cost to you

First you have to understand who we are and what we do…

Here is why we can help you…Whatisashortsale.org is made up of a group of real estate industry professionals. Who created this site to share their knowledge with homeowners who need help and cannot afford to pay for services or hire an Attorney to help them. The first question many ask is well why and how do you get paid to do this?

Here is how we get paid to help you….

In a typical real estate closing a Title Company and a Realtor get paid to provide their services. Banks are willing to allow for these services. This means, that you can hire a Title Company and Realtor to help you short sale your home and the bank will pay for it.

You will never occur any out of pocket expenses  from the Title Company or the Realtor we work with.

Start By Learning, we have created and very informative guide that will get you familiar with the process

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