New Listing Opportunities About to Hit The Market


With Loan Modification delinquencies rising and short sale listings expected to increase….. Are you prepared?

Recent statistics show the loan modification re-defualt rate(currently 26%) rising due to the fact that most modifications (7 out 10) were completed with no sort of principal reduction. Also, the new qualifying interest rate for new modifications is also  expected to jump over a half of a percent as well, making it harder for existing homeowners to qualify and complete a new modification.

Although we recognize these are unfortunate circumstances for many homeowners, they will still need to seek alternative solutions.  As you know, a short sale has been the top choice for many homeowners.  Especially in our South Florida Market.

If you a Realtor who is interested in winning new Short Sale Listings, we can help you…Here is how.

1. We found that Homeowners want to understand the “Title” part of the short sale.  Important issues such as deficiency judgments, unpaid liens, HOA matters etc…  Plus they want to see that you have a team.  We have been very successful helping Realtors by having one of our Licensed Title Agents join you at a listing presentation or being readily available for a conference call when you are at a listing.  Call to Learn More 888-348-7799

2. Download our FREE recently updated Short Sale Guide by completing the form to the right. The guide explains key points that will help you win more short sale listings.

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Knowledge Sells…

Homeowners are searching for options, they usually probably receive poor or misleading advice. It is important as industry professionals we help homeowners find real answers and assist them in contacting the bank to find out what options are available to them.

Why it is important to understand how HAFA works

HAFA was created by the Government to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure receive protection, the program allows homeowners to short sale their homes with no deficiency. Most homeowners do not know this program is out there, as a Realtor this can be a great way for you to start communication with a potential client.

By educating your potential client at the beginning stages, you will earn their trust.

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