How We Can Help You

We understand how frustrated homeowners get when they try and communicate with their own Lender.  In fact, most of the homeowners we have spoken to told us they were led to believe that they had little or no options. This is simply not true.  Our expert team will help you learn exactly what options are available to you and walk you through the entire process. Best of all our help is always free! Here’s why…  In a short sale your lender is required to pay any and all closing costs, including real estate commissions and title insurance policies. This provides an opportunity for industry professionals to help you without you having to pay any upfront costs. Our industry professionals will bridge the gap between you and your lender and help facilitate the short sale of your property.  Our team of experts will communicate with your Lender every 48 to 72 hrs to ensure that your file is getting the appropriate attention and is progressing forward in a timely manner.

A new beginning

We believe a short sale can be a new beginning for many people who fell victim to the housing crisis or the downturn in the economy. A short sale when administered properly can be a great alternative to foreclosure and in most cases you can be a new homeowner again in as little as 2 years.  For us, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing  joy with a homeowner who has completed a successful short sale and was able to eliminate this burden from their everyday life. Usually doing nothing is the worst thing to do.  Unfortunately, most people just do not know where to begin.  We pride ourselves on being industry professionals who share the knowledge and experience we have gained doing short sale business with homeowners who are in need of help.

How to learn more

1. Get Our Free Short Sale Guide to learn more Short Sale Guide

2. Go to our Get Help page and an expert in your local area will contact you to answer all your questions.

3. For immediate service please call us at 1-888-262-6933

Who we are was created by a network of real estate industry professionals throughout the country to help homeowners understand what options are available to them when considering a short sale. During this housing crisis we have helped thousands of homeowners in the same or similar situation as you short sale their home essentially helping them create a new beginning. Anthony Crupi Founder