How to get started

Banks & the Government have created programs that we have personally seen help homeowners with their mortgages.

Many homeowners are being foreclosed on when in fact they had alternative options…Most homeowners are just not aware of them, were mislead or just waited too long. Some homeowners just needed to know who to call & what to ask. We can help you and there is never a cost to you.

The first step in how to get started with a short sale is calling your bank and asking for help…Ohh if it was so easy right. Actually it is if you know who to call at your bank.

We will call your bank with you. Contact us 888-262-6933

*Anytime, we are always available to help*

Since 2009, has helped homeowners who were either behind on their monthly payment, in foreclosure or just owed more than their property is worth. We helped all of these homeowners by first educating them about what short sale programs exist and then showing them how to apply for these programs. Then, we helped them successfully complete a short sale at no expense to them. We can do the same for you.

Why We Can Help You… In a typical real estate closing a Title Company and a Realtor get paid to provide their services. Banks are willing to allow for these services. This means you can work with a Title Company and Realtor and your bank will pay for it.

Together we can take control of your situation

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