What is HAFA? Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative


In our short sale guide you will learn all about HAFA

The Benefits of a HAFA Short Sale:

  • No Deficiency Judgments
  • No Cash Contributions at Closing
  • No Promissory Notes
  • $10,000 to Seller or tenant for Relocation Assistance
  • Additional Incentives for 2nd Mortgages, up to $8,500 more at closing

Do you qualify for a HAFA Short Sale? Eligibility Requirements (Government sponsored short sale)

  • Must be primary residence or occupied by tenant (tenant must vacate though upon sale)
  • First lien mortgage –cannot be a government loan
  • Originated prior to 1/1/09
  • Is delinquent or default is foreseeable
  • Current unpaid principle balance is under $729,750
  • Total monthly mortgage payment exceeds 31% of Monthly Gross Income

Program expires in 2013 so now is the time, learn how to apply in our short sale guide…Complete the form to the right and get our Free Short Sale Guide

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