FHA Short Sales

FHA Short Sale

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is helping borrower (s) move from their home with a program called Pre-Foreclosure Sale (PFS Program). This FHA Short Sale program allows borrowers who have fallen short on their payments and are now in pre-foreclosure sell their homes short of what they owe.

Basically, how the program works is if you meet certain criteria set forth by HUD…HUD will perform a new appraisal of your home and accept roughly 88% of the current homes value satisfying he old mortgage note.

Key Factors are:
• Borrowers/Sellers will receive cash incentive of up to $1,000
• The Mortgagee (your lender) or HUD will not pursue the borrower for a deficiency judgment
• Borrowers/Sellers must professionally & actively market property for up to 3 months which will delay any foreclosure proceedings.
• Must have a marketable title, title search must be performed and all liens should be cleared/discharged prior to closing
• Borrower can be current at time of submission but must be delinquent by at least 30 days prior to the closing
• Property values are determined by an FHA certified appraiser, using a “as-is” Fair Market Value (FMV)
• Mortgagor/Sellers must maintain property in “ready to show” condition
• Mortgagee/ lender must respond within 5 working days from receipt of the executed contract

HUD allows up to 1% of the buyer’s mortgage amount for closing costs to be included in
the “Seller’s Costs” on the HUD-1 for all transactions that involve a new FHA-insured

• The property must be owner-occupied, no “walk-a ways” or investment properties. Exceptions: when it is verifiable that the need to vacate was related to the cause of default (job loss, transfer, divorce, death), and the subject property was not purchased as rental investment, or used as a rental for more than 18months.

• The Mortgagor must be 31 days or more delinquent at the time of the Pre-foreclosure Sale closing.

• The Mortgagor must provide documentation substantiating a reduction in income or an increase in living expense, and documentation that verifies the Mortgagors need to vacate the property (if applicable).

FHA Short Sale