Behind on Mortgage? In Foreclosure? Even if you are Current on your mortgage you can short sale

Most homeowners have options. It is time to take advantage of this opportunity to short sale your home.

The most common words we hear from homeowners is that “I was not not aware of that short sale program”. Although Banks & our Government are willing to help, they did a poor job of getting the message out about short sale programs.  Many homeowners that we meet and work with just did not know they can qualify because they were denied so many times of a modification.

We have even had homeowners tell us the person at the bank said we don’t qualify or the file has been closed and you cannot short sale. That is ridiculous. In most cases they were speaking to low level processors at the bank who  think they know more than they do.

We have helped these people and we can help you.

It all starts by learning, we have created a Free Short Sale Guide that will get you more familiar with the process. The good news is it doesn’t cost you anything to learn in fact it doesn’t cost you anything for us to help you either.

Here is why… is made up of a group of industry professionals. They created this site to share their knowledge with homeowners who need help and cannot afford to pay for services or hire an Attorney to help them. The first question many ask is well why and how do you get paid to do this?

Here is how we get paid to help you….

In a typical real estate closing a Title Company and a Realtor get paid to provide their services. Banks are willing to allow for these services. This means, that you can hire a Title Company and Realtor to help you short sale your home and the bank will pay for it.

You will never occur any out of pocket expenses  from the Title Company or the Realtor we work with.

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