1-Hour Short Sale Workshop

Stop wondering and start learning in our free 1-Hour Short Sale Workshop

Like many homeowners who are behind on their mortgage or current and owe more than your property is worth you probably have questions like…Why didn’t my loan modification go through? Why didn’t I get a principal reduction? Why does it take so long to complete a short sale? and we know there are more but all very common questions we hear on a daily basis.

Unfortunately for many homeowners they have lost their home to foreclosure. Many should of received some sort of real loan modification but as you know banks were not very efficient in helping homeowners. A large majority of them though could of avoided foreclosure by completing a short sale. The biggest issue we see though is homeowners waiting to long to get started.

We all know the banks are not very efficient in helping homeowners but that DOES NOT mean you cannot complete a loan modification or short sale.

As you know to be successful at anything you must have the knowledge and the right team. Many homeowner just go out and hire someone who was referred to them thinking that this person has their best interest at heart and usually find out that may of not been the case. Many go and hire people they thought they can trust off ads or commercials, again not only did they didn’t have the result they expected they were later told that they cannot help them anymore.

We say start by learning and forget hiring someone until you understand the process. Once you have the knowledge now you are prepared to hire the people needed to help you.


Start by learning…We have created several ways for you to learn…

1. Our 1-Hour Short Sale Workshop – Here you will talk with a professional that has years of experience in successfully completing short sales. They are not Realtors so they will not be trying to sell you a service. They will just go over the process and the programs that you may be eligible for. Some of the programs even include financial incentives for homeowners to agree to short sale. You will also be able to ask many of those unanswered questions you may have. Call 1-888-262-6933 for scheduling.

2. Our Free Short Sale Guide – The guide will explain how to start the process, what items your bank will require, what not to do and how HAFA Program works. Which is the Government Short Sale Program.